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Hotels In Mozambique

Mozambique has some spectacular hotel and lodge options, and in fact it would not be overstating the matter to say that luxury beach lodge and hotel accommodation in a growing list of location has become something of a tourist attraction unto itself.

Maputo has in recent years grown an international and regional economic, political and tourist destination, and so, as the capital of Mozambique, it is very well served with hotel and accommodation options across the board. Some of the favorites at the top end are the Hotel Polana, the Hotel Cardoso and the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Outside the capital the list is long and extremely rewarding. The most sought after destination in the country is doubtless the archipelago islands situated off the town of Vilanculos. These islands are not misnamed the Paradise islands, and a spectacular collection of luxury beach lodges ring all three.

Besides this, all the way up the coast luxury developments are going in all the time to serve the almost inexhaustible South African market. That is not to say that all the options have a high end flavor. There are many private hotels and guest houses that offer more modest services at more affordable prices.