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Hotels In Libya

Old traditions of hospitality in Libya still allow for private homes and individuals to offer unlimited hospitality to visitors, but as tourism takes root this can be expected to decline.

Libya also has an extensive network of youth hostels called buyut ash-shabaab that are sparsely appointed but extremely cheap. An alternative to this, and also while tourism is still a bit of a novelty in the country, camping out or sleeping under the stars just about anywhere is still possible. The Libyan Youth Hostel Association can be contacted on + 218 21 4445171.

The hotel scene in Libya is under the umbrella largely of the controlled tourism system, and a network of government hotels that are adequate, but somewhat socialist in outlook, and certainly not imbibed with a service mentality.

Since the nascent process of liberalization began after the lifting of sanctions in 2003 a more comprehensive system of private hotels have taken root, and of course in the capital Tripoli facilities of a first world standard are available, while in the more outlying areas the notion of a competitive hospitality industry is only just taking root.