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Hostels in Morocco

There is an excellent local youth hostel web network that offers a fairly quaint insight into the Moroccan hostel fraternity, which is widespread and reasonably effective. There are youth hostels located throughout the country, and in particular Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier. Although hardly ideal, if you are travelling with children there can usually be found some sort of family room with shared facilities. While it is an enduring truism in budget travel that a good hostel or backpackers lodge is better than a cheap hotel, there are more cheap and conveniently located hotels in Morocco that backpackers lodges or hostels.

An important and worthwhile word of advice would be to observe the standards of privacy and security of any hostel to avoid the vast proliferation of street touts and faux guides who can, and will make your life a misery if you do not have a gate to close on them when you walk into your accommodations. Most of the hostels in the main cities of Morocco are aligned to the International Youth Hostel Network and maintain standards broadly akin to this. These are to be found in all the main centres as well as many other smaller towns and cities, although they are not always conveniently located.