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Flights To Tunisia

Tunisia is served by two international airports, the Tunis/Carthage International Airport outside Tunis, and Habib Bourguiba International Airport situated near the town of Monastir. Both are well served by European and local and regional connections, but strangely very little in the way of direct pan-African routes.

Several national carriers fly direct to Tunis from Europe. The principal among these are British Airways from London/Gatwick, Air France from Paris/Orly, Alitalia from Milan and Rome, Lufthansa from Frankfurt and Turkish Airlines from Istanbul and Atatürk. Tunisair serves a variety of destinations throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

From the Middle East Saudi Air flies direct from Jeddah, Royal Jordanian from Amman, Syrian Arab Airlines from Damascus, Quatar Airways from Doha and Emirates Air from Dubai.

Besides these there are a large number of private and charter airlines and package tour operators flying direct to Tunis from almost all European regions and capitals.

Habib Bourguiba International Airport serves mainly private and charter flights direct from Europe, with some destinations in the Middle East and eslewhere.

There is a reasonably comprehensive internal/domestic scheduled flight network serving a number of local airports in most regions of the country.