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Flights To The Democratic Republic Of Congo

The DRC is a vast country with a deplorable road and rail transportation network but a surprisingly comprehensive system of airports and both internal and external flight connections.

The country has four international airport, N’Djili International Airport that serves that capital Kinshasa, Goma International Airport serving the town and region of Goma in the south of the country, Bangoka International Airport serving the central town of Kisangani and Lubmubashi International Airport service the southern provinces.

N’Djili International Airport is the most important facility and offers a wide ranging network of local, regional and pan-African connections. Air France offer a regular flight from Paris, Brussels Airlines from Brussels, South African Airways from Johannesburg and Cameroon Airlines from Johannesburg.

The three other international airports offer principally domestic and regional connections. Besides these there are more than two hundred airports and airstrips scattered around the country that in many instances represent the only viable mode of access. There are several domestic airlines operation, all of which to varying degrees suffer a poor reputation for safety, but on the whole air travel in probably the safest way to get around DRC