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Why You Should Add Cairo to Your RTW Trip Itinerary

Travel lovers usually dream of being able to travel nonstop for longer than their two weeks of vacation allow. It’s difficult to see all you want to see when you don’t have the time to do it. Many just assume that’s how their life has to be, and that in order to travel around the world, they have to wait until retirement. But those are just myths. If you want to make it happen, then there are ways to take a RTW (round the world) trip before retirement. Our sister site over at BootsnAll has plenty of resources to inspire you to get on the road and travel.

Once you do get the motivation to hit the road and make your travel dreams come true, one of the first things you’ll do is start crafting your itinerary. Where to go and what to see are usually tops on your mind, and you should seriously consider adding Cairo to your RTW trip itinerary. Seeing the Giza Pyramids are usually tops on travel wish lists, and Cairo is the base for exploring the Pyramids.

But that’s not all that Cairo has to offer. Did you know that Cairo is one of the biggest cities in Africa and the Middle East, with about 16 million people calling it home. If you are a fan of big, bustling cities, it doesn’t get much bigger or more bustling than Cairo. It may be overwhelming at first, but if you have some patience, you can grow to love Cairo. Cairo is much more modern than you may suspect, and there are plenty of western amenities in this African city. If planning a RTW trip, you may want to consider adding this city and region to your itinerary.

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