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Walking Safaris in Kruger National Park

Close your eyes and imagine your dream, once-in-a-lifetime safari in South Africa. You’re probably on safari in Kruger National Park, you’re probably decked out khaki safari duds watching animals like lions, rhinos, and giraffes amble past, and you’re probably sitting in a kitted out Land Rover or Jeep. Most people assume that they’ll be viewing the animals from a four-wheeled vehicle, and it’s a great way to do a safari (you can cover a lot of ground in one day), but they don’t realize that it’s not the only option.

In addition to doing a driving safari in Kruger, you can also spend a morning or afternoon on a walking safari. Staying in a campsite in Kruger or in a hotel just outside the gates and then hiring a guide for a walking safari can be quite cheap when compared to the all-inclusive, luxury camp option. But price isn’t the only benefit. While on walking safari, you’ll move at a slower pace, see some of the area’s smaller residents, and learn about the flora and fauna of South Africa from your guide. And, you’ll get to see the animals from a new perspective – ground level.

Like all safaris, there is an element of danger on a walking safari, so good travel health insurance is even more important than usual. This is no trip to the zoo, but guides know how to read the animals for signs of aggression and when to stay away. Just imagine the adrenaline pumping through your veins when you find yourself standing face to face with a zebra..or even a lion. You’re certainly not going to get that experience in a Jeep!

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