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Volunteering in Africa. Travel the World and Make an Impact.

If medicine or health care beckons you as a career option, then one of the most valid avenues of experience available to you today is foreign volunteer work. With the many crippling healthcare challenges facing the continent, it is as a volunteer in Africa that you will experience one of the most rewarding ways of giving back. Volunteer travel is the caring alternative, and one of the most unique ways to visit a particularly diverse and interesting region of the developing world.

Venture Travel in a Caring Environment

Volunteer travel is a way of returning a little of what you take as an international voyager. It is also one of the few ways these days that a visitor to a region can be genuinely immersed in local society and culture. For the recipient communities your help will provide a little welcome relief from the daily pressures of care giving, as well as a similarly unique perspective of international exposure.

If you are intending to enter the health care fraternity, or are retired as a doctor, dentist, nurse or therapist, yours would obviously be the most useful and welcomed contribution, but even if you are just a concerned layperson there is ample space in Africa for you to lend a helping hand. Volunteer travel may just be the option for you, to give and take, to teach and learn, and to contribute your time and enthusiasm to struggling communities throughout Africa.

Experience and Challenge Your True Calling in Life by Volunteering

The main practical application of your service as a volunteer in Africa will be in the provision of vital assistance to doctors and nurses as they perform primary health care functions, but you will also be able to assist in a variety of different aspects of field work in community health care and outreach, allowing for many unique perspective of day to day life in rural and urban Africa. You will be working at all times with dedicated and professional health care workers.

Africa accounts for nearly 64 percent of AIDS/HIV worldwide, and it is here that the need for dedicated human resources is most acute. However your help is also needed in important fields of nutrition, education, family planning and many other aspects of poverty alleviation as it relates to the provision of basic health care. If you care about leaving a positive impression on the world, overseas volunteering is the right path for you. Work with dedicated health care teams to achieve success together. Whether you hand out vitamins to families or comfort a sick child, you can make a huge impact on global health by becoming a volunteer today.