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Tunisia: an underrated destination worth your time

Tunisia is one of the most underrated destinations in the world although European travelers have come here for decades, mostly on tours booked via major travel operators. It still receives less independent travelers than Egypt and Morocco, mostly because compared two these two countries, Tunisia is somewhat more expensive. Still, it offers a lot to visit and compared to Europe it’s still cheap.

Aside from spending your time on the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, you can visit the ruins of Carthage, plenty of Roman ruins, including on of the best preserved amphitheaters at El Jem and the Saharan National Park.

The main entry point for foreign travelers is Tunis International Airport. Tickets to Tunis are quite affordable as many low cost European carriers fly here. Return adult fares from London start at €316 in mid September. If you fly from North America, you need to take a connecting flight in one of Europe’s large hubs, such as Amsterdam, London or Paris.

If you want to save money, Tunis hostels are a good choice, with private rooms starting at €10 per person per night.

The best time to visit Tunis is either in spring or in autumn, when the weather is pleasantly warm. If you plan to stay in the capital, schedule your vacation from mid-March to mid-May, while if you want to visit the Saharan regions as well, make sure to travel in November.

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