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Staying Healthy

One of the most common concerns for travelers headed to Africa is how to stay healthy. There is a misconception that Africa is loaded with awful diseases, many of which are fatal. You will be fine. The truth is – common sense is the key to having a great experience and with a couple basic shots, and a few safety measures, you can have a great experience – many people do.

If you want to stay healthy, here is what you should do:

– Washing hands with soap, water and hot water.
– Drink bottled, boiled or filtered water.
– Eat cooked food, fruit and vegetables you have peeled. If your in a safari lodge, don’t worry
– Don’t eat food purchased from food vendors.
– Don’t drink beverages with ice.
– Don’t eat dairy products that aren’t pasteurized.

Avoid mosquito bites at all costs, even though sometimes this is impossible. Here is the best advice on avoiding those buggers:

– From dusk to dawn, be extra careful. This is when they feed.
– Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and hats.
– Use repellent with DEET. Make sure to apply all exposed areas and right before dusk.
– Use bed nets, ideally with insecticide permethrin or deltamethrin.

Much of your health depends upon your kit and clothes. If you prepare correctly, you will minimize your chances are getting. Here are a few things you should consider bringing or purchase when you arrive:

– Long-sleeved shirts, pants
– Inspect repellent, mosquito coils, with DEET
– Bed nets. This can be purchased usually in the host country
– Antidiarrheal medicine
– Basic aspirin
– Sunblock, sunglasses
– Iodine tablets and/or water filters