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Getting in Married in Morocco

Many brides and grooms dream of a destination wedding, and what better – or more exotic – place to get married than in Africa. For residents of the Western world, Morocco is one of the most unique places to get married in the world. The problem is that unless you are marrying a Morocco, the red tape is nearly impossible to sort out. You’ll need to arrive a few weeks in advance to do all the paperwork, so make sure you book your air ticket to Morocco for a date well before the wedding.

If those two parameters – lots of red tape and a lengthy process – around enough to scare you off, don’t worry. There are hundreds of other great places to have wedding ceremonies around the world, and many don’t require nearly as much hoop-jumping or advance preparation.

If you’re set on Morocco though, you could try a few tactics. The first is to find a local fixer – a destination wedding specialist or a lawyer – who can help you sort through the bureaucracy.  If you book a luxury hotel, the onsite event coordinator can also help you navigate the red tape, but bear in mind this may cost more. The other option is to go through the paperwork in your home country and then have a non-legal ceremony performed in Morocco. Though the formality will be over, you can still have the wedding photos you’ve dreamed of, and then you won’t have to wait to start your honeymoon.

Photo by alexbip