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Getting from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and most likely the entry point in the country if you prefer not to choose a vacation package. Cairo’s airport is the second biggest in Africa and the capital is a travel hub for the country, well connected by bus and train to the rest of Egypt.

Sharm el Sheikh is a well known port and resort town , located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. It is very popular among those who choose a vacation package for their stay in Egypt. Thankfully, if you want to come here for something other than sunbathing and diving, you should know that are other interesting things to do, such as: camel trekking and horseback riding.

Quick summary

The cheapest way to get between Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh is by bus. The travel time is about 7 h and the single fare is US$12.

Flights from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh

Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the busiest airport in Egypt and an important hub in Africa. It is hub for EgyptAir and handles flights to/from various cities in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) is the second busiest airport in Egypt but it’s not hub for any airline. It receives quite a lot of season flights and is mostly served by flights from various European cities.

Flights between Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh are operated only by EygptAir (with its subsidiary EgyptAir Express). In mid-September 2012 – when the temperatures lower a bit and it’s better to plan your vacation here – expect to pay from US$104 one way. The flight time is 1 h. Return flights start at US$209.

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Buses from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh

Since there are no trains going to Sharm el Sheikh, the buses connect the two cities making it easier for those traveling on a budget or not as part of a package to their dream destination.

There are two companies which operate buses on this route: East Delta Bus and Super Jet Bus. Neither have online schedules , but you can find the departure times here . The distance is 485 km and the travel time about 7 h. The fare is 68 Egyptian Pounds (US$12) one way. There are four buses per day (including an overnight bus).

Driving from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh

If you are used to finding your way using Google Maps, you are in for some trouble. It’s impossible to run a search for getting between the two cities, so unless you choose a specific resort (or search using your car’s navigation system), you’ll be in for some headaches.

Yes, you can rent a car and drive between Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh. Make sure to either rent a car with driver or bring along someone who knows the route. The route goes under the Suez Canal. The drive from Cairo to the tunnel under Suez Canal is about 2 ½ h. After you exit the tunnel just follow the signs to Sharm el Sheikh (or El Tur). That’s another 4 h drive.

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