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Egypt in January

January is probably the best time to visit Egypt when it comes to the weather. It’s nice enough to wear a t-shirt during the early afternoon and cool at night. However, it’s also when most travelers plan to arrive here so the fares are usually higher than during the rest of the year.

Weather in January

January brings probably the best weather for visit Egypt. It’s warm during the day so you can walk in a t-shirt and a bit cold at night (but a fleece or a light jacket is enough).

In Siwa it doesn’t rain, but you need a warm jacket for the night. In Alexandria the rains are common during winter. And yes, bring a pair of long trousers, too. It can be a bit windy so a light jacket is a good idea. In Cairo you can walk in a t-shirt during the warmest part of the day, but a light jacket is also necessary at night and in the morning.

Sample temperatures

Alexandria avg high 17C / avg low 10C
Aswan avg high 21C /avg low 11C
Cairo avg high 18C / avg low 9C
Luxor avg high 21C / avg low 7C
Siwah avg high 19C / avg low 3C

Flights and Accommodation

January is a popular month to travel to Egypt because you can now enjoy the sites without the sun baking you. But it’s also a time when many Europeans choose to escape the colder climates, so flights to Egypt are more crowded and more expensive than the rest of the year. Book your flight in advance.

When it comes to accommodation, hostels are always the cheapest option. You can also look for flight and hotel packages, which can save some money.

Things to do

The variety of things to do in Egypt pleases many types of travelers. Cairo can be a bit cold at night, but it’s pleasant during the day and you can explore its sites without worry about the heat. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities can take up half a day easily and you can also look for some souvenirs in the bazaar. Make sure to plan a day trip to the Giza plateau, with its pyramids and Sphinx. Yes, it can be crowded but you won’t melt.

Luxor is another important stop in Egypt. It is the gateway into the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Nobles and also some interesting temples. You won’t be melting in the sun, but you need to plan to face the crowds.

Alexandria is a nice choice, too, but do plan for colder nights and possible rains. Or you can visit Aswan and the near-by Abu Simbel temples. Maybe you fancy a Nile Cruise to see the sites roll by.

Winters can be quite cold in the desert, but during the day it’s nice and you can walk around in a t-shirt. You can visit an oasis or you can choose a desert safari.