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Egypt in December

Egypt can be visited pretty much all the time, unless you mind getting a bit friend from June to September. But December is one of those months when it feels like…a nice spring in Europe. So it’s warm during the night, a bit cold at night and amazing for visiting sights.

Weather in December

Weather in December is nice through the day and can be a bit cold in the night, especially in the desert. Think of a nice spring day in Europe, that’s how warm the weather is, so no need for sunscreen.

Alexandria is warm by day, a bit cold at night and it might be rainy, too. Cairo is sunny, warm and nice, but you need a jacket or fleece for the night.

Sample temperatures

Alexandria avg high 19C / avg low 11C
Aswan avg high 22C /avg low 12C
Cairo avg high 19C / avg low 10C
Luxor avg high 22C / avg low 8C

Flights and Accommodation

December is a very popular time to visit Egypt if you plan to check out the sites. Also, since many European prefer to take vacations around the winter holidays and escape to a warmer place, the flights to Egypt are more crowded and more expensive. But, you can always book in advance. About a month is usually enough (at most 8 weeks).

Hostels are always the cheapest option, but if you can find a good bargain for a hotel room, you can always splurge a bit.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Egypt , whether you like to check out the historical sites or enjoy some time in the desert. If you visit Cairo, now you’ll be lucky not to melt under the sun. Make sure to spend some time visiting the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and you can also look for some souvenirs in the bazaar. A day trip to the Giza plateau, with its pyramids and Sphinx, is a must, especially with the lovely weather.

The city of Alexandria is also worth your time, but make sure to pack an umbrella. December can be a bit rainy. Don’t miss checking out the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Roman Theatre and Pompey’s Pillar.

Luxor is the gateway into the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Nobles and some interesting temples. The weather is lovely now, so you don’t need to worry about baking in the sun

Make your way to Aswan and visit the Abu Simbel temples, but you can also challenge your fitness skills a bit and climb Mount Sinai.

Although a bit cold at night, you can also check out an oasis and plan some interesting activities in the desert. Dress accordingly.