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Big Brother’s African Brother

Given up the security of their jobs, Penny and Tom Raylott’s decided to overland travel through 9 countries in Africa and disappear into the bush for 11 weeks. Not only will they discover if they can cope with the twists, turns and problems that Africa presents, but also see if they have the mental stamina to survive being on a truck with 24 people that they cannot escape from. Can Penny cope with camping in an ‘A’ frame tent for 11 weeks? Can Tom handle living with other people for 77 days? In this Big Brother environment there will be no evictions, but no doubt there would be a few fellow travelers up for nomination. Let’s just hope that Penny’s not the weakest link.

The following is an epic tale from Kenya to South Africa, covering all aspects of an overland trips and the beautiful environments they interact with.

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