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Accommodation In Tunisia

As can be imagine Tunisia is chock-a-block filled with hospitality options. From Club Caribbean or Club 18 to 30 type integrated resorts to humble fleapits tucked into sleazy corners, to major, five star luxury brand name hotels and resorts.

The package tour industry in Tunisia is ubiquitous, highly streamlined and geared faultlessly towards the tastes and comfort expectations of working to middle class Europeans. As a consequence prices are reasonable, and for about €50 a night you can expect standards commensurate with this.

At the top end of the scale there are plenty of options to spend a lot more for world class five star resort and hotel accommodation. These have an Acapulco feel, are scattered across the country, although they tend to be focused mainly on the beaches and close to the major resort towns.

Another interesting angle is the local golfing tour scene. These that take in one or more of the many highly rated, if not world class local golf courses that are usually located on or close to the Mediterranean, and most of which have a sea view. Even if you are not on a golf tour, you can still check in and play a round as an interesting adjunct to your Tunisian vactation.

For those who want to a avoid the beach resort vibe, and it certainly can be close and oppressive at times, there are a large number of small, private hotels, augerges, guest houses and other sundry hospitality options run on a much more local level. These vary in price and standard considerably, and some prior research might be advisable, although most are very reasonably priced, and some quite cheap, slipping into the budget accommodation zone for those travelling on a shoestring.