Flights to Madagascar

by Peter Baxter  

Madagascar has a surprising number of functional airports, some 50 in all, although most of these are small and serve localised destinations, with Ivato International Airport in the capital AntanÓnarývo being the main international port of entry. This is not saying very much, however, since the airport is served by a mere seven international airlines, including Air Madagascar, unnervingly nicknamed Air Mad.

Flights in an out of Madagascar are fairly limited, with flights in from Europe being either on Air France, Corsair or Air Madagascar, with Air Madagascar also offering a twice weekly flight from Bangkok to AntanÓnarývo. The most reliable and frequent link, however, is from Johannesburg on Air Madagascar partnered with South African Airways Airlink, which runs six days a week. It is also possible to fly between AntanÓnarývo and the Mascarene islands on Air Mauritius.

On the whole the easiest way to get in is via Europe or South Africa, with the latter service being the more frequent and reliable.

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