Egypt in October

by Cristina on May 3, 2012

by Cristina | May 3rd, 2012  

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April. The weather is not scorching hot, but the prices start to increase. Since Egypt is still trying to rebuild its tourism market, itís best to look for deals ahead of time and plan accordingly. October is an excellent month to visit the magnificent historical sites and to explore the desert.

Weather in October

The weather in Egypt in October is warm, but can easily turn hot. It is, however, the best time to visit Siwa Oasis and take desert trips. Itís still best to avoid the mid-day sun, but the weather allows now for more hours outside without much problems. In the desert, the nights are cool by now.

It is also warm in Cairo but the temperatures can easily turn hot. Still, you need to pay attention to the afternoon sun, which can easily burn you.

Sample temperatures

Alexandria avg high 27C / avg low 18C
Aswan avg high 33C /avg low 23C
Cairo avg high 29C / avg low 18C
Luxor avg high 33C / avg low 20C

Flights and Accommodation

October marks the start of the best time to travel to Egypt, so expect the flights to be busy and the fares to start to rising. Itís best to make the travel arrangement in advance. So, look for flights to Egypt several weeks (or months) before departure and also make sure to book the accommodation ahead of time. Hostels are always the cheapest option.

The country is still rebuilding its travel industry and trying to get the tourists to feel confident to travel to Egypt again, so might just be lucky to find some excellent deals if you plan your vacation ahead of time.

Things to do

Egypt is filled with a lot of interesting things to do . If you visit Cairo, donít miss the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the bazaar and also make sure to take a day trip to the Giza plateau, with its pyramids and Sphinx.

The city of Alexandria is also worth your time. Some of the places to visit include: Citadel of Qaitbay, the Roman Theatre and Pompeyís Pillar.

Luxor is another highlight with access to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Nobles and some interesting temples.

Make your way to Aswan and visit the Abu Simbel temples. And before heading to Sharm el Sheikh, for some excellent diving, climb Mount Sinai. You can also plan to explore an oasis and Siwa Oasis is an excellent choice.

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